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VLF 0.1Hz Cosine Rectangular Wave Testers
VLF Test Systems 28 kV 60 kV (SebaKMT)
VLF Test Systems 28 kV  60 kV (SebaKMT)
Portable test systems to generate 0.1 Hz VLF AC and DC test voltages

■ Two lightweight modules without connecting cables
■ Archiving and programming via chip-card
■ Archiving and comparison of test series with PC software
■ Menu guided operation
■ Test report generated immediately in the field
■ Measurement of leakage current during VLF and DC tests
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VLF Test System 20 kV (SebaKMT)
VLF Test System 20 kV (SebaKMT)
■ The weight of 50 kg make the VLF Test System 20 kV a powerful, universal and at the same time portable unit.
■ The patented change over principle in combination with the recycling of energy stored in the cable capacity results, in comparison to other methods, in a lower weight, less energy consumption and much higher test capacity.
■ The high test capacity of 3 μF permits the simultaneous testing of all three phases.
■ The method is officially recommended by the two VDE Standards 0276-620 and 0276-621.
■ Independent researches shows that VLF test is done most effectively with the 0.1 Hz cosine square wave shape compared to any other VLF wave shape or frequency.
■ VLF is the most economic method for testing PE and
XLPE cables. DC test is not applicable for these cable types.
■ Controlled output voltage
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VLF Test System 80 kV (SebaKMT)
VLF Test System 80 kV (SebaKMT)
Test with 3 Uo for 46 kV cables as Stand alone or as optional integration for the Centix system.

■ High test power without Frequency reduction
■ No polarisation effects as by DC testing
■ Protocoling by Chipcard or Printer
■ Breakdown recognition
■ Leakage current measurement
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