Diagnostic connection set

Diagnostic measurement accessory kit

Product Description

  • Permits a PD-free connection to the cable
  • Variety of adapters which covers most commonly used terminations
  • Simplifies the calibration procedure by additional cable lugs
  • Comes in a convenient, sturdy case

The diagnostic connection set is a kit which can be used for diagnostic measurements such as offline PD measurements or tanDelta measurements. With help from this set, the user is able to make a PD free/ low connection to the test object. Thus, the measurements results will not be influenced by the connection to the test object anymore. This simplfies the evaluation of the PD measurements and minimises faulty readings with tanDelta measurements caused by corona.

All the adapters enable the calibration equipment to be connected directly to the adapter used. Moreover the kit can also be used for other applications/ equipment like connecting VLF systems or the tanDelta attachment.