30 kV Damped AC System

Product Description

  • Peak damped AC (DAC) voltage of 30 kV
  • Fully enclosed partial discharge (PD) detector eliminates operator exposure to HV potential
  • Real-time detection and mapping of PD
  • Performs testing to IEEE 400.4 standards
  • Two module design for easy handling and transport

The MV DAC30 is a 30 kV Damped AC (DAC) cable test set with Partial Discharge (PD) diagnostic capabilities. It can be used detect and map PD activities in real-time for immediate evaluation of test results.

It is the first system in the world to integrate both the power source and PD coupler into a single portable unit. This revolutionary design eliminates operator and environmental exposure to high-voltage potential, ensuring the highest level of electrical safety. The system separates into two modules, each weighing less than 77 lbs, for easy handling and transportation.