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competitive advantage

In a more and more global, complex and turbulent environment, knowledge is the only reliable source of competitive advantage.

Modern organizations, therefore use their resources (money, time, energy, information, etc.) for permanent training and advancement of their employees. The period of mass producing is over and the customers are very selective.  With this in mind, Verotest introduced a new training strategy- limited exclusive one stop seminars- offering not only Seta accredited training, workshops and product training from highly experienced and trained agents but also informative sessions on related subjects with only the most knowledgeable and professional speakers in their respective field.

These limited and very exclusive seminars will take place over a four to five day period and promises to leave the participants with expertise and knowledge that will place them at the forefront of their specialized field.

Please look at our Courses listed below. You can register by clicking on the links. Alternatively you can contact us via our Contact Us page. We can also provide onsite training and customized training solution if certain criteria and conditions are met.

Get Smarter

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